Water / Liquid Damage Repair Leeds

We have the highest success rate in water damage repair nationwide

From £20

Our expert technicians have been repairing and carrying out restorations work on water/liquid damaged devices for the past 20 years, we can guarantee the highest success rate with liquid damage on electronic devices with our state-of-the-art repair facility that is custom designed for the most intense liquid damage repair process. Our certified technicians have successfully repaired and restored 1000's of mobile phones, laptop and tablets with a 90 percent success rate.

What seperates us from the competition

  • We are afforded the luxury of keeping in stock a high end ultra-sonic cleaner.

  • We have the edge with our sharper skills, expertise & experience.

  • We offer original manufacturer parts alongside the highest quality copy parts available.

  • We have the highest success rate in U.K. for liquid and water damage repair.

  • Our crack team of technicians are renowned in the industry for quality workmanship.

  • We have our own free car park and there is ample free street parking surrounding our store.