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Model Number: A1822, A1823

We offer a flawless glass replacement service with the iPad 5 (A1822) that has just been released with the integrated Touch ID facility. This repair is actually slightly more difficult that the iPad Air 2 were the glass and LCD are factory fused together, but on the other hand the great news is it is inexpensive compared to its predecessor due to the digitiser and LCD not being factory-fused meaning the top layer of glass can be replaced for a fraction of the price.

Flawless Glass Repair

If you have accidentally broken your iPad 5's glass, we offer a 1-hour repair service tailored around restoring your iPad to its original condition. Thus, without adding any sign of repair, your iPad 5 will be looking as new upon collection. Our repair service is available at all time as you can just walk-in with no prior appointment. We have free ample parking outside our store with our own dedicated car park attached to the side of our building.

With years of experience, we come to realise each iPad that comes in for repair will be damaged randomly resulting in different approach needing to be taken with each iPad (A1822) we repair. We have seen iPad's with damaged corners and wrapped aluminium frames making the screen repair very difficult, but don't worry, we have the expertise and equipment to fully perform all frame/housing repairs.

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We have seen broken screens/glass/LCDs, damaged home-buttons, power button, volume buttons; these can all be repaired with great ease. Every effort is made to have device looking like new whenever possible. We have been in the repair industry for the past 20 years and seen many work from other stores that have cut corners and damaged further customers beloved iPad.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship that is backed by a 12 months warranty. We will always use a perfectionist approach handling all iPad repairs guaranteeing a flawless glass repair every time.